Gary Jobst

Gary’s passion for dancing began almost 30 years ago when he discovered Country Western couples and line dancing in San Diego while in the U. S. Navy in the late 80s. He soon began competing on the UCWDC couples competition circuit and worked his way up to Division 1. He was a member of the 3-time UCWDC World Champion Dance team, Midnight Cowboys. In the early 90s he was bitten by the West Coast Swing bug while living in Orange County, CA. Gary now holds 2 US Open Swing Dance titles: one in Showcase and the other in Strictly Swing. He has competed at the US Open in his 20s, 30s and 40s. Gary is the Chief Judge at many swing events throughout the USA and Europe. He also is well known for emceeing and running some of the largest Jack and Jill competitions in the swing dance community.

Along with Michael Keihm & Phil Adams, Gary is the Co-founder of the GPDIA Judges Certification and Training Program for West Coast Swing. He is one of three GPDIA Grand Master WCS Judges and course facilitators. He travels throughout the US spreading GPDIA judging knowledge. He’ll go anywhere in the world to share swing and judging certification.

Gary teaches, judges and performs all over the United States and Europe. He has more than a decade of experience as a Chief Judge. His reputation as a fair, well-organized and impartial Chief Judge is undisputed. His “Competition Tips” workshops have been a huge success everywhere. His straight-forward, honest and humorous approach to competition makes these classes invaluable. He is also an Advanced Elite Certified GPDIA West Coast Swing Instructor. Gary has a love for teaching that is very evident in his workshops and private lessons. You will experience his focus on technique and connection along with many fun and leadable patterns for West Coast Swing, along with his “relationship focused” partnering concepts.

Although his travel schedule is quite hectic, he maintains a base in Charlotte, NC where he teaches every Tuesday at Lynn’s Dance Club. He is also one of the members of The Charlotte Westies Social Club. He can be found teaching and dancing in the Charlotte area as well as the surrounding communities.

Gary is available for private lessons, coaching, judging, Chief Judging, workshop weekends, contest coordination, event workshops and Emcee. For more information about scheduling please contact Gary via email at or the Contact Me page.


Events where Gary has worked or will be working in varying roles:

  • U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships
  • Seattle Easter Swing – Seattle
  • GPSDC 4th of July Convention – Phoenix
  • Swingin’ Summer Dance Camp – Palm Springs
  • New Years Dance Extravaganza – Palm Springs
  • Dallas DANCE – Dallas
  • Dance Mardi Gras – New Orleans
  • Swing Expo – Las Vegas
  • Bridgetown Swing – Portland
  • Russian Open – Moscow
  • Miami Dance Magic – Miami
  • Boston Tea Party – Boston
  • Bop on the Lake – Hot Springs
  • Bop in the Rock – Little Rock
  • SwingDiego – San Diego
  • MadJam – DC
  • City of Angels Swing – Los Angeles
  • DFW ProAm Jam – Dallas
  • Frezno Dance Classic – Fresno
  • Jack & Jill O’Rama – Anaheim
  • Tulsa Fall Fling – Tulsa
  • Big Bang Classic – Charlotte
  • Anti-Valentines Swing Bash – Birmingham
  • Chicago Classic – Chicago
  • Wild Wild Westie – Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta Classic
  • US Grand Nationals – Atlanta
  • Colorado Country Classic – Denver
  • Wisconsin Dance Challenge – Milwaukee
  • Swingtime in the Rockies – Denver
  • Grand Prix of Swing – Kansas City
  • SwingFling – DC
  • Summer Hummer – Framingham
  • South Bay Dance Fling – San Jose
  • MMISL – St Louis
  • Orange Blossom, Orlando, FL
  • Boogie By The Bay – San Francisco
  • Paradise Country Dance Festival – San Diego/San Bernardino
  • Branding Iron Dance Festival – San Bernardino
  • Halloween Swingthing – Irvine
  • Tampa Bay Classic – Tampa
  • DCSX – DC
  • CASH Bash – Twinsburg
  • Monterey Swingfest – Monterey
  • Sundance Summer Dance Festival – Palm Springs
  • California Boogie & Blues – Long Beach
  • Sea to Sky – Vancouver
  • UK & European Open – London
  • Michigan Classic – Detroit
  • Spotlight Dance Celebration – Detroit
  • Sweetheart Swing – Tampa, FL
  • Peach State – Atlanta
  • River City Swing – Jacksonville, FL